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Template configuration – demonstration

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Purpose and aim of this demonstration

The purpose of this demonstration is to show and test the possibilities of template configuration via the backend, to illustrate advantages or to find out possible disadvantages or problems.

The template configuration via the backend was developed some time ago (2017) and the corresponding branch still refers to CMSimple_XH version 1.7.1. The very extensive discussion on this topic took place in the CMSimple_XH forum. There was also an example template offered, which, however, no longer quite corresponds to the current state of development.

In order to be able to test a more current configuration template with a more current XH version, the currently current XH version 1.7.5 was manually supplemented with the above-mentioned branch and also made fit for PHP 8.1.1. The used template is called “fhs-switch-light-dark-cfg”. The description of the template can be found here.


The entire demonstration can be downloaded here for testing.

Please note: The CMSimple_XH version used in the download is intended for testing purposes only. It is not official and also not extensively tested - so it is not suitable for productive environments either!

Version 1.0 from 10.02.2022